Ontario Parks

Concept website redesign
Collaborator: Sarah Fong
My role: Research, UX, UI


Ontario Parks is the main source for obtaining information on Ontario provincial parks and creating campsite reservations. The objective of the project is to unify the website’s search engine and campsite reservation system in order to streamline the experience of browsing the platform.

Research & Planning

Through the visual research and the design audit of the original website we conducted, we discovered the issues of a disjointed structure, difficulty and confusion in finding important information and navigation, and lack of cohesive branding. Detailed personas, scenarios, information architecture were established in order to move forward in creating a browsing experience that best suits the target users.

Wireframes & Prototypes

A series of wireframes were developed with the focus of unifying the parks search engine, simplifying the campsite reservation system, and reorganizing content hierarchy. Low-fidelity prototypes were also created for all applicable screen sizes as technological literacy of the target users are spread across the scale. We ensured that the design was as simple and direct as possible.


A data heavy and information rich website requires careful structural mapping and content organization in order to provide quick navigation and access. What we created based on extensive research and planning is a uniform, modern aesthetic and a streamlined platform with a simplified campsite reservation system, decluttered web pages, and responsive design.