Concept Android mobile app; designed at YSDN
Collaborators: Krista de Leon, Felipe Nascimento
My role: Research, UX, UI


With the growing trend of eating organically, Freshtable is designed to help make the farm-to-table lifestyle closer to reality, featuring a comprehensive guide to growing fresh produce, tracking plant growth, and preparing dishes from a plethora of recipes.

Research & Planning

We conducted investigative market research, PACT analysis, and stakeholder interviews which were essential in synthesizing personas and scenarios that reflect the demographic, goals, desires, and expertise of the target users. The information architecture was also developed to structure the users’ journey in the application.

Wireframes & Prototypes

A series of wireframes were created based on the established personas and scenarios, which were translated into low fidelity prototypes for usability testing. The decision to also opt for physical prototypes aided the understanding and visualization of flows and interactions. The iterative process of going back and forth between designing, prototyping and testing allowed for greater improvements.

Visual Design & Style Guide

Taking cues from the rural environment on which the app is focused, we brainstormed a list of keywords and visual imageries that inform the feeling of the farm-to-table lifestyle. The process led to an earthy colour palette, rounded typefaces, and rustic textured menus, and a photographically-focused application with images that would entice and encourage users to try their hand at growing and recipe making.


Freshtable is designed as a home & garden Android native mobile application that guides users through the process of growing fresh produce and preparing related recipes. Whether they are seasoned gardeners or new to planting, the app detects users’ location to organize the best fruit and vegetables available to grow during the current season. A companion site was also developed to promote the app.