Black Creek Pioneer Village

Concept mobile web app; designed at YSDN
Collaborators: Julie Barkun, Dana Dinh, Yanchao Hao
My role: Project management, research, UX, usability testing


Black Creek Pioneer Village is a living museum inviting visitors to experience rural Toronto in the 1800s. Like many other pioneer villages, it is overshadowed by school groups and families with young children, despite offering activities and events suited for an older audience. The objective is create a cross-browser compatible application that modernizes the perception of the museum.

Research & Planning

We began the research and planning process by conducting competitor analyses, a PACT analysis, and a design audit of the original website to scope the problem. Stakeholder interviews were also held to discuss limitations and expectations. Detail personas, scenarios, and flows were developed to visualize how users will navigate on the application.

Wireframes & Usability Testing

Following the iterative process we developed numerous wireframes and prototypes that explored various ways to engage the users to learn more about the museum and the programmed events. We followed the DECIDE framework to guide our evaluations for usability testing. Stakeholders were involved throughout the process for input. As the project manager, I ensured the whole team was always on track by referring to the research conducted, project objectives and deliverables.

High Fidelity Prototypes

We designed a responsive, cross-browser compatible application that is efficient in providing event information. Content structure was reorganized to highlight the wide range of programs and events offered. Users can also make reservations for an activity straight from the web app. We also proposed a solution for encouraging return visitors: an interactive quiz that challenges visitors on the knowledge they gained from visiting the Village. Completing the quiz earns the user a small discount on their next visit and sharing their quiz results . They can also share their quiz results through social media either for bragging rights or to challenge their friends to do better.