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In the past

Gaudy animated gifs, controversial debates of <marquee> and <blink>, and Photoshop "blends" for BBS forums collectively marked the beginning of my journey in design (shoutout to broadband internet and Photoshop 7). Those antiquated styles and practices are long gone but my passion for designing digital experiences lives on.

At the moment

As I strive to deepen my knowledge in user-centered design and, I'm also open to UX opportunities anywhere in the world as well as collaborations on passion projects. I'm based in Toronto, Canada but relocation is always welcomed with open arms.

Get in touch

If you think I'd be a good additional to your team or... you'd like to discuss Android OS vs iOS from a design and user experience perspective, drop me a line, I'd love to get the conversation going!

In the meantime, you can take a peek at my progress in learning front-end develpoment over at Free Code Camp, check out what I'm reading lately on Goodreads, or see how I'm moving along in my journey bracing ballet as an adult.